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Catering is something that is actively on the market for more than 15 years. Red Devil Catering is the company that since its establishment in 1997 is striving to develop the segment going from simple delivery of food and drinks to management of complex events. Taking advantage from its numerous international contacts and the experience during practices abroad, Red Devil is capable to offer conceptual event management and a complete product.

And the most important, our capacity allows us to create events in any shape and with any financial resource.

The total event management of corporate events and private parties are always surpassing the expectations of the hosts and the guests, because they are always unique. The ideas that we turn into events are actually turning the ordinary event into The Big Special One and the result always is sophistication, interesting environment, attractive presentation and impeccable service.

We have a modern base and equipment that is certified by all international standards plus huge capacity for open-air events – tents, clima, logistics.

Red Devil is official partner of Bulgarian Football Union, catering supplier of Arena Armeetz. We often participate in various events like Mtel Beach Masters, Zagorka Tennis Cup, Qatar Airways Tournament of Champions, WRC Rally Bulgaria and others.

But everything starts with the team:

milen1 ()


Extremely responsible and caring, he says that his biggest achievement is his wonderful family. Precise to the point, even provoking debates sometimes. Outspoken and firm. Visionary, generator of projects, self-improver.

emil2 ()


He is constantly in some kind of motion, never stops or settles. Curious and technocrat. He is taking care of the finances in the company so he is always loved and hated. Virtuoso of informal PR.

sasho3 ()


Achieved everything he dreamed of. Strives for development of the catering segment in Bulgaria. Fan of the novelties and the experiments, responsible for the development of the company.

bobby1 ()


The biggest in all aspects. The man that implemented the biggest number of world cuisine novelties in Bulgaria. Avant-garde and adventurous, skilfully combines his passion for the new with the traditional systematic approach when managing people and resources.


Our flower from the East, Bobby’s biggest ally, brilliant professional with Sheraton and Japan background. Respectful and bold when organizing the daily activities in the kitchen, precise regulator and counselor for the entire team.

silvia2 ()


The most smiling person. Grand Slam winner for opening of malls in Bulgaria. Behind her gentle femininity is hidden precise and decisive professional. Extremely sensitive and that reflects in her projects. Justice fighter.

svilen1 ()


If there is an award for applied arts in catering, he is the winner. Ace of creating multidisciplinary projects. Only 20, but father of two sons. Big international projects in his portfolio.

IMG 94327 280x300 150x150 ()

The youngest member of the team and , logically, as such, responsible for modern company - digital . Professional raised in Red Devil Catering , Ivan worked on absolutely every possible position in the company. Under his tutelage are all " start up " projects of the organization . Operates inherent passion for his age , moving swiftly from the extreme disappointment at peak motivation.

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Its ability to monitor " high " offers a brilliant judgment creative response and very good result. Mira has tried everything in our area , reaching leading catering activities during the World Championship in golf, so far the only event of its kind in Bulgaria .

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