Благодарение на Rexona екипът на Red Devil Catering имаше удоволствието да се погрижи за още една звезда от световен мащаб.

Клиент: Qwerty BTL agency за Rexona
Криейтив: Qwerty BTL
Интерпретация и презентация : Red Devil, Силвия Рангелова

26.11 Decathlon Poduene (8)

Decathlon chain of shops entrusted us to secure the opening of their first store in Bulgaria and of course they contacted us for the second one. This marks the expansion of the network in Bulgaria and most probably will not be the last one for sure.

21.11 BMW (5)

At the end of November 2013 BMW Bulgaria entrusted us to secure a large portion of the special atmosphere for the presentation of a new flagman-model of the company. Modern fusion-cuisine, live cooking, attractive presentation and lots of high-tech equipment. See more in the pictures below.

13.11 Etajna Grozdova (6)

It is not the first time when we at Red Devil Catering are challenged by a project. In this particular case we had to combine the styling of a famous Bulgarian TV-show, turned theater performance, with the presentation of the food for the cocktail. As you can see from the pictures below, we managed to implement traditional Bulgarian elements with delicious food.

07.11 Fibank (1)

First Investment Bank entrusted Red Devil Catering to decorate and cater an important annual event. The space of Contemporary Art Gallery could be quite a challenging one for such a purpose, but we managed it.

06.11 Adis (1)

Halloween of AmCham in ADIS

26 February, 2014

As per the tradition (in some countries) at the end of October it is time for Halloween. Last year AmCham trusted Red Devil Catering to organize the theme party. We have transformed the place totally, even the food was quite aligned with the theme.

01.11 Absolut Promotion (1)

Absolut Transform Today

14 February, 2014

In November 2013 we helped our friends from Absolut in organizing a series of events as part of their campaign Absolut Transform Today. We took care of the unusual cocktails in small bottles, frozen ones, in a plastic bag and even smoky with dry ice. Our responsibility were also all the small details that make an event really a big one.

24.10 Multivac (6)

Multivac Birthday

6 February, 2014

On the occasion of their anniversary Multivac wanted to present their guests with one unforgettable experience. We at Red Devil Catering partnered with Uti Bachvarov to organize the celebration and cooked live for the guests, transformed their parking lot into a party zone and helped turn the celebration into a joyful party.

23.10 Regus Opening (1)

In October 2013 Regus opened there new office center on Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd in Sofia and trusted Red Devil catering to transform the working space into a festive one.We managed to create a bar from the reception area and to replace the computers with cakes and finger food.

22.10 SAMSI - Sony (1)

Presentation of Sony

22 January, 2014

In October 2013 Sony presented to Bulgarian media new models of laptops and tablets in the special setting of Museum of Contemporary Art in Sofia. Red Devil Catering is a traditional partner and we took care for the equipment and the delicious food, of course.

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